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Guided hiking tours

Who does not want to discover the Rheinsteig at one´s own risk can participate at guided tours. These tours are led by local guides of the tourist companionship Loreley-Burgenstraße. You won`t only discover the unique natur but also get to know about wildlife and culture history of the Mittelrheintal.

If you are interested in this offer we can arrange the tours for you. Current events can be find at www.loreley-touristik.de.

Please remind that this is only one of many offers from local tourist companionships. The events are liable to pay costs and restricted by number.

Alternativly we can book a worldheritage guide for an hiking tour. Please feel free to contact us!

Advantage of our rooms

Our rooms offer especially hikers several advantages. For instance the most of the rooms have a clothesline available. As a matter of cource we offer to dry and wash your clothes in mashines. There are more than enough possibilities to hang your clothes on and generous space for you baggage.

Luggage- and backpacktransfer

For a small charge we bring your luggage to your next destination.

Hiking supplies

We prepare gladly lunchpakets four your trips. These contain 2 sandwiches, fruits, some sweets, a cereal bar and a 0,5 liter drink.


If you want to get some inside advices for your hiking trips feel free to contact us.

Sanitary articles

If you run out of soap, shampoo or other important things that you need for the bathroom you can purchase sanitary articles like suncream, patches, brushes etc. in our house.

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